The Responder Alliance's Avalanche Task Force, headed up by Samuel Johnson, is currently focused on embedding resilience practices in teams, sharing new innovations in training and protocols, and connecting thought leaders active in the snow safety and search and rescue community. The mission is to forward the development of applicable and sustainable future practices to support industry wide improvements to prevent workforce attrition and support holistic avalanche/SAR personnel and organizational wellness.

To become an Avalanche Task Force Member please contact support@responderalliance.com.

Samuel "Raven" Johnson

Samuel Headshot.jpg

Samuel 'Raven' Johnson (LCSW, PhD) is a prolific rural Alaska-based climber, ski alpinist, clinical social worker, psychologist, and former mountain guide. Samuel currently operates a private mental health, mental performance coaching, and grief/injury recovery practice called Behind the Sun Therapeutics in Seward, Alaska. Samuel has also worked in community-based participatory research on indigenous conceptions of stress and coping with the Center for Alaska Native Health Research and is affiliated with the Responder Alliance in an ambassador role focused on reducing the impacts of stress injuries on avalanche professionals and others involved in mountain sports and professions.


For more information or options to contact Samuel, please visit www.alpineessence.net