The Ski Patrol Task Force, headed up by Zach Ryan, is on a mission to increase awareness and implementation of psychological first aid (PFA) and the stress continuum in Ski Patrols out west and beyond. In doing so, we plan to create and distribute easily accessed education materials that can be used to start a resiliency program, implement incident checklists into patrols, and create scenarios involving PFA. We are also working on providing a way to gather a stress pulse check of patrols as a whole, as well as of individual patrollers, to prophylactically maintain the mental health of our colleagues. To accomplish this, we have two primary subgroups within the team focusing on outreach/education and advocacy for those who become stress injured.

To become a Ski Patrol Task Force Member please contact

Zach Ryan

"I'm Zach Ryan. I work as a fourth season ski patroller at Eldora Mountain Resort in Nederland, CO. The past several summers, opposite the ski industry, I have worked for the US Forest Service, most recently on the Kootenai Rappel Crew out of Libby, MT. As of August 2020, I am a full-time graduate student in Denver, CO pursuing my masters in biomedical sciences with plans of using the program as a springboard to medical school. My plan is to become an emergency physician with a specialization in EMS/wilderness medicine." 

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