A newly formed working group, headed up by Amber Barnett, the Outdoor Community Task Force's purpose is to support other organizations and the outdoor community with resiliency curriculum and peer support resources. Through various initiatives across various outdoor fields we aim to support ourselves and others with stress continuum resources and peer support systems to better support healthy organizations.. The group’s main three initiatives so far: 


1. Curriculum design: what can people train or use to support staff to understand and use the Stress Continuum and supplemental documents. 

2. Peer Support: Looking at systems and resources to better support staff internally. This is more about mentorship and support not as "experts" rather a way to support healthy staff and organizations.

3. Change Management: looking at ways to get staff from the top down on board with looking at the health and well-being of the staff and the organization. Looking at what resources people need to help support implementation. 

To become a Wilderness Risk Management Conference Task Force Member please contact support@responderalliance.com.

Amber Barnett

Amber is an outdoor educator with over 14 years of experience, mostly with Outward Bound. She specializes in supporting organizations in standardizing training practices, developing assessments and delivering outdoor educator trainer trainings. Through her time with Outward Bound she helped support the implementation of the Incident Support Network at Colorado Outward Bound and is passionate about staff and organizations recognizing and supporting each other along the Stress Continuum.

Contact Amber at amber.barnett@gmail.com  

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