The Stress Continuum was first created for use by the US Marine Corps for use in combat setting. Often used as a snapshot at how soldiers were managing stress in combat operations, it has now been applied to a variety of settings, including firefighters (Stress First Aid) and Law Enforcement.

The continuum can be used a self-assessment tool, in order to provide those affected by single incident or cumulative stress to detect early and late changing reactions caused by overwhelming stress.

The stress continuum shows us two things: that there is a spectrum of experiences, and that it is possible to recover. 


This version has been adapted for climbers by those working with the climbing grief fund, see attributions on their website.


The Climbing Grief Fund (CFG) is an excellent source for psychoeducation related to the unique impact of traumatic events and associated losses related to climbing.


CGF evolves the conversation around grief and trauma in the climbing, alpinism and ski mountaineering community and connects individuals to effective mental health professionals and resources.

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