The resources listed below have been written by, for, or relate to Ski Patrol and Snow Science Community systems in regard to stress injuries.

In this episode of The Sharp End podcast, Starr Jamison describes an avalanche fatality and the painful, disorienting aftermath, how she recovered, and how she’s working to help others deal with similar experiences. 

Podcast - Utah Avalanche Center

Drew Hardesty speaks with Dave Richards, head of Alta Snow Safety about stress injuries in the snow science community in this podcast episode.

Patrollers, as First Responders, have by nature of their profession, occupational hazards. In addition to musculoskeletal injuries and the risk for cold exposure, stress injuries - reactions to taking care of injured people - can affect physical, mental and emotional well being. This article outlines the mechanisms causing stress injuries, as well as the physical changes in the body that result, and offers The Stress Injury Continuum Model as a tool for assessing early to late stage changes resulting from stress.  

Tarah O'Connor, EMT and Colorado Ski patroller, shares her personal experience with PTSD, the cumulative effect on the job stress injury and the healing impact of EMDR (Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization) Therapy.

Resource - Stress Injury Risk for Patrollers

Podcast - The Sharp End - Episode 35: The Aftermath

Patrolling and PSD - A First Hand Experience

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