The resources listed below have been written by, for, or relate to Ski Patrol and Snow Science Community systems in regard to stress injuries.


Introduction to Stress Injuries in Avalanche Responders - A short video 

This 7-minute video explains stress injury formation with common signs, symptoms and causes

Podcast - Ski Patrolling and PTSD

Stress injuries, commonly thought of as PTSD, are much more common in first responders than you might think. Listen to this important conversation about the impact of stress injuries on ski patrollers in particular. Laura McGladrey is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at Colorado University Anschutz. She talks with Tarrah O'Connor, a professional ski patroller with firsthand experience coping with PTSD as a result of her work as a patroller in the Rocky Mountains.

Podcast - The Sharp End - Episode 34: Psychological First Aid

When climbers, skiers, and other backcountry adventurers have an accident, they often aren't the only ones to suffer an injury. Partners, rescuers, and witnesses at the crag can feel the affects of "stress injuries" for years to come. In this episode, Ashley speaks with Laura McGladrey, a mental health nurse practitioner and veteran health provider in wilderness and humanitarian settings, about the importance of psychological first aid for outdoor adventurers and rescuers.

Podcast - The Avalanche Hour - Episode 5.2 with Laura McGladery

We start out episode 5.2 by hearing an update from the A3 Executive Director, Dan Kaveney. Dan talks about what is new for A3 in the 20/21 season. We then dive into a great talk with Laura McGladrey. Laura is a family and psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who specializes in emergency medicine, mental health, and traumatic stress. She is a veteran NOLS instructor, is embedded on a couple ski patrols, works with high level search and rescue groups in national parks, and is an avid outdoor recreator. We talk about what factors can contribute to what are known as Stress Injuries and how we can better detect and deal with them. This can certainly be a tough subject to broach, but Laura does a great job in breaking it down. There are some other resources noted in the episode that are referenced below. Music on this episode by Chris Kaplinski and Ketsa.

Podcast - Utah Avalanche Center

Drew Hardesty speaks with Dave Richards, head of Alta Snow Safety about stress injuries in the snow science community in this podcast episode.

Resource - Stress Injury Risk for Patrollers

Patrollers, as First Responders, have by nature of their profession, occupational hazards. In addition to musculoskeletal injuries and the risk for cold exposure, stress injuries - reactions to taking care of injured people - can affect physical, mental and emotional well being. This article outlines the mechanisms causing stress injuries, as well as the physical changes in the body that result, and offers The Stress Injury Continuum Model as a tool for assessing early to late stage changes resulting from stress.  

Patrolling and PTSD - A First Hand Experience

Tarah O'Connor, EMT and Colorado Ski patroller, shares her personal experience with PTSD, the cumulative effect on the job stress injury and the healing impact of EMDR (Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization) Therapy.

Patroller Stress Awareness - Resources for Ski Patrollers and Their Families

The Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol has a page on their website dedicated to Patroller Stress Awareness with valuable resources and information for Ski Patrollers and their families.