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Podcast - Psychological First Aid for Rescuers

 Seattle Mountain Rescue in partnership with Responder Alliance bring four segments on stress injuries for mountainous rescuers. 

Wilderness First Responders need to know how to treat physical wounds. But it's also important to keep a patient's mental health in mind. In this blog, Laura McGladery outlines ways that first responders can help care for a patient’s mental health, especially during and right after a traumatic event.


Psychological First Aid has been integrated into the Wilderness and Austere Context. NOLS Wilderness Medicine has been teaching Psychological First Aid and Stress Injury formation as part of the First Responder and First Aid curriculum for the past 5 years. Stress injuries are now included in the curriculum as part of other wilderness injury types such as head injury, spine injury and chest injury, in need of the same type of remote and improvisational tools. 

 “If you only see death in the mountains, then you’ll never go there.” – Will Gadd A ranger explores the juxtaposition of being a ranger in an environment that brings such joy and can have such lasting consequences. 

 Wilderness EMS Textbook - Chapter 10: Psychology First Aid and Stress Injuries 

 Stress Injuries are now gaining recognition as climbing, ski mountaineering, and expedition injury types with Psychological First Aid as an accessible set of tools to be used in the remote setting to mitigate and reduce injuries that have high likelihood to cause significant psychological injury for the affected person. 

In this episode of The Disaster Podcast, Laura McGladery shares the five methods to help manage a survivor of a wilderness stress situation and reestablish safety. They are: Create a sense of safety in the scene, Create calm, Create a sense of self-efficacy, Create connection to family and loved ones, Create hope that the situation will resolve.

Stress Injuries
Principles in Real Time
Sustaining Green
Integrating and Debriefing Stress

Blog - The 5 Components of Psychological First Aid

Website- Wilderness Psychological First Aid

Article -  Outside Magazine: Life, Death, and PTSD as a Ranger in the Tetons 

Podcast - Psychological and Stress Injury in Wilderness EMS

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