During this time of uncertainty we invite you to explore these COVID-19 specific resources for responders. Check back often as we will update as more resources become available.

COVID-19 Stress Continuum and Stress Impact Mitigation

The COVID-19 resource card is a specific stress continuum based on COSFA stress continuum, adapted by Laura McGladrey and Responder Alliance with contribution from National Parks Service and a stress impact mitigation rubric following the PFA format.

American Mountain Guide Association:  Stress and Resilience for Coronavirus

Much is now understood about the psychological impact of unexpected events, such as illness and natural disasters. There is clear consensus that one’s level of social connectedness will likely be the single most important determining factor in managing psychological stress during times of crisis. What is unusual about a quarantine as it relates to other natural and man-made disaster events is the need for physical distancing and social isolation to contain the illness.

As the coronavirus crisis unfolds, the AMGA community faces unprecedented challenges. Those in the guiding industry face personal loss, a disappearing livelihood, and huge lifestyle changes. Laura McGladery, in collaboration with AMGA, presented a webinar, Mitigating Stress Impact for COVID-19: Mapping A New Way Forward, to support our resilient and resourceful community.


Mental Health Support and Resources for Frontline Workers

To provide mental health support to these frontline workers, the Department of Psychiatry in the CU School of Medicine launched a state-wide initiative called Past the Pandemic in April. With support from federal grants obtained by the state of Colorado, the Department of Psychiatry is providing free mental health services including support groups, individual support and an eight-session series on building resilience to healthcare providers and workers across the state.


Crazed - We Got This: First Responder Stress and Resilience for COVID-19

From the National Mental Health Innovation Center’s podcast Crazed: Big ideas to radically change mental health.

In this episode Marcel and Laura discuss responder stress in the face of COVID-19. They introduce tools for responders and those around them to help mitigate the stress individually, and in their wider communities. Rescuer MBS: Know your limits. Improve your performance. Connect with them via Facebook:

In this episode Laura talks with Richard Goerling of the Mindful Badge Initiative ( about mindfulness meditation and other tools to deal with the current environment. Richard’s work focuses on law enforcement and first responders.

Matt Zuckerman, MD @matthew608b, Laura McGladrey, PMHNP, FNP, MSN, RN, FAWM @responderalliance, and Emilie Calvello Hynes, MD, MPH @ejbcalvello all faculty at University of Colorado School of Medicine discussing Stress First Aid for frontline responders in the age of COVID-19

The Ten Percent Happier team speaks with Dr. Luana Marques, an anxiety specialist from Harvard, and Jay Michaelson, a meditation teacher. They discuss practical tips for handling the fear, uncertainty, and denial that is arising for so many right now. Healthcare workers are currently being offered free access to their app follow this link for signing up and more resources. 


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