A Message to our Healthcare Workers

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Our nurses are moving from stress impacted to stress injured

We are losing our own because we are not taking care of them

There are some who are COVID green, finding so much purpose and meaning in this work and others who are struggling

WHY use a Deployment Model?

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You know that...

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And then you also learn that...

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That is the situation many nurses find themselves in right now.

How can we maintain and sustain through this?

We Need A Common Language

A common language can help support healthcare workers who are suffering from occupational injuries during the pandemic crisis. The Stress Continuum Model is a framework and system for self-care and a common language for Frontline workers and First Responders to manage job related trauma. 

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Key Elements for Implementing an Organizational Deployment Plan

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1. Name the Problem with a Common Language

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2. Build and Provide:

  • Drop-In Support Center

  • Training Modules

  • Professional Support Team to Assist Sick Team Members

  • A Follow-Up Plan

  • Expanded department or unit for consideration of staffing

  • Established realistic goals for staff (monitoring depletion, support, etc.)

  • Deployment Letter 

  • Consider limited deployment (6 weeks) followed by some downtime (green time)

  • Provide Situation Report (Sitrep) briefings on the current deployment scenario

  • Create a Toolkit for staff

3. Equip Staff with Tangible Tools for Identification of Depletion

Identification of depletion is the first step towards managing and healing the psychological trauma healthcare workers are suffering due to the Covid-19 crisis.


The Stress Continuum and Trauma Screening Questionnaire administered at the beginning, middle and end of the deployment period are metrics that can be used to identify the level and severity of occupational stress injury. 

4. Socialize The Stress Continuum with Tangible Tools

  • Open a Zoom call with the Stress Continuum graphic and share

  • Status Check - Use the Chat to have folks share what is charging and draining the battery


  • Provide Badge Cards for The Stress Continuum and do a brief talk when you share them

  • Play The Stress Continuum video in the break room

  • Do a 5-minute breakout room with another person on your team. Share "What color are you trendingare trending towards today and one GREEN choice you would like to make today."

  • Create a bulletin board that allows folks to share battery charge or drain

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  • Start shift with an anonymous paper poll that allows people to share where they are on the Stress Continuum

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  • Monitor the team with Mosaics of how they're doing this week

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  • White board with magnets to share how folks are doing individually on the team

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Recommendations for Deployment SURGE Support