Responder Alliance cultivates relationships with individuals and organizations that share our same core values and mission to advance the national conversation on stress injury formation and recovery in responders of all types. 


Our current projects, initiatives and collaborations connect responders, professionals, and organizations with resources, education, and trainings designed to enhance the physiological, psychological and emotional well-being and resilience of first responders.

Carolina Wilderness EMS Externship- Psychological First Aid and Stress Injuries in EMS

This year Responder Alliance joined forces with Hawk Ventures to support two talented Externs in developing curriculum on Stress Injury formation and Psychological First Aid for EMS personell in North Carolina.  This curriculum will be used to support other EMS directors to deliver content to Fire, EMS and Search and Rescue crews throughout the state, and hopefully will get national reach. Please contact Seth Hawkins to hear more about the curriculum and how it is being used;

Stress and the Human Machine- Stress Continuum Responder Strong Content

Laura McGladrey joined with Responder Strong to offer 3 recorded lectures in a series on stress injury formation in Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS and Dispatch in Colorado. This was a closer look at how stress injuries are formed, exposure patterns for different provider types, caring for exposure in real time and how to support and mitigate stress injuries as they form.

The series are available through the responder strong website:

Incident Support Network- Colorado Outward Bound

This summer Responder Alliance supported development and implimentation of a new incident support network with Colorado Outward Bound.

In it’s first phase this two year initiative trained 11 Incident Support Network (ISN) individuals to be embedded at all COBS field locations in order to affect culture of psychological first aid and organizational resilience in addition to being available to offer incident support sessions in the field immediately after significant or near miss events for field staff.


Phase 2 of this project will occur in Spring of 2019, involving training the ISN staff to impliment PFA courses to all field staff, as well as training an additional group of ISN staff.