Stress First Aid for Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services Personnel

Stress First Aid (SFA) is a set of supportive actions designed to help emergency responders assist each other in reducing the negative impacts of stress. This version of SFA was adapted from the Combat and Operational Stress First Aid model, designed specifically to support firefighters, EMS, and rescue personnel. SFA includes instruction for peers and mentors on understanding stress, recognizing how stress manifests in thoughts, words, and actions, and delivering the “Seven C’s” of Stress First Aid (Check, Coordinate, Cover, Calm, Connect, Competence, Confidence) to each other. This method of assisting a co-worker undergoing stress is practical, flexible, and can be tailored to the specific need.

Combat and Operational Stress First Aid: Caregiver Training Manual

The continuum can be used a self-assessment tool, in order to provide those affected by single incident or cumulative stress to detect early and late changing reactions caused by overwhelming stress.

Disaster Psychological First Aid

A modular approach for all-comers to respond to overwhelming traumatic stress by re-establishing safety and decreasing arousal at the time of the stressful event in order to mitigate the formation of stress injuries. This intervention is supportive, intuitive and can be used by everyone to support folks in their own recovery when exposed to significant and near miss events.
Although the term is not new, psychological first aid was first established as a national intervention by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network in Partnership with the Center for PTSD. This collaboration was the first to offer a certification for those responding to disaster.

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